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#Kolkata: Tolpar state politics in Shitalkuchi case. As four fresh lives were lost in the bullets of the central forces, the Trinamool sharpened the new weapon just when the center was trying to accept the theory of self-defense. The clear question of the grassroots is, if the shooting is in self-defense, then why there is no video footage!

Trinamool MP Sukhendushekhar Roy held a press conference on behalf of the party. There, he said, it was twenty-four hours after the Shitalkuchi incident, why no video footage came to light? His further question, was not CCTV? Or was it not working? Even then the rules were broken. It was said that there would be drones. So what has been covered up?

Incidentally, the death of four people in the firing at the booth No. 127 of Jorpatki in Shitalkuchi stunned the people of the state. The forces hastily brought forward the theory of attack. Mamata Banerjee was holding meetings in different parts of North 24 Parganas at that time. Arriving in Siliguri in a hurry, he was the first to raise the question from the press conference, if the army fired in self-defense, then who is injured! Where is that video? He also called on grassroots activists across the state to march in black. “We have started the protest program on the instructions of Mamata Banerjee,” Sukhendushekhar Roy told a press conference here today. They have held 11,600 small and big processions in the entire state till this afternoon.

Amit Shah has come to the state for campaigning today. He said in the context of this incident, this incident of death is very worrying. But more worrying is its politicization. He also said that although he was talking about four people killed by the forces in Shitalkuchi, Mamata Banerjee was not talking about another dead person. The Trinamool was also present at the meeting on this issue. Sukhendusekhar said this claim is false. He alleged that Amit Shah did not respond within 24 hours of the incident.

In the words of Sukhendushekhar, “Amit Shah is trying to provoke communalism. Hon’ble, he has spoken of five people in two public meetings. He paid homage to their souls and said,” These five are brothers of Bengal. “

Today, Mamata Banerjee from Siliguri called the incident a genocide. He is desperate to go to this area in 72 hours. The locals also want him to come to the spot once.

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