BJP-Trinamool outraged over Sayantan Basu’s remarks

#Kolkata: Not on foot, CRPF will be told to shoot at the book. Speaker BJP leader Sayantan Basu. The video sparked controversy after four people were killed by paramilitary forces in Shitalkuchi. The Trinamool Shibir is also arming this video. Abhishek Banerjee is also playing the video at the meeting place to prove Mamata Banerjee’s theory that the central forces are being abused at the behest of the Home Ministry. Although News-18 did not check the authenticity of the video. The BJP claims that the Trinamool is using the old video to gain political advantage before the polls. Although not only grassroots, this video is also viral on the net.

What exactly is being said in that video? BJP leader Sayantan Basu is seen saying, “I will tell the CRPF to let the bullets hit the chest. The bullets should not hit the legs. He did not stop there. He added,” I will keep the police inside the police station. I will not let them out. The police will only parade during the election. Such excesses will be shown, they will run and go back to bed. ” The Trinamool wants to read and read the tragic incident of Shitalkuchi in line with this statement. In other words, the central forces are at the fingertips of the BJP to prove it.

Shitalkuchi’s Jorapatki was bloodied on Saturday. Locals complained that the forces fired almost without provocation. On the other hand, the forces said that the firing was in self-defense. There have also been allegations of snatching rifles from the force. And this is the state politics. Mamata Banerjee had decided to go to Shitalkuchi, but she is currently unable to enter due to the Commission’s ban. But Amit Shah is playing the tune from the meeting place. He is also demanding his resignation in the meantime, this new video is a weapon of the grassroots in the voting market. BJP leader Shamik Bhattacharya, however, says that the Trinamool is bringing up the old video after losing land underfoot during the polls.

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