Deb’s 3 meetings canceled in Burdwan on Sunday, Deb apologized! Why? – News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: Assembly elections are going on in Bengal. The fourth round of assembly polls ended on Saturday. The Trinamool Congress is also campaigning for the statewide protests on Sunday. Trinamool MP and actor Deb was scheduled to hold meetings in Burdwan East, Burdwan North and Ghalsi. However, three meetings have been canceled on this day. But why was the meeting canceled abruptly?

Deb himself shared a short video on Twitter stating that he would not be able to attend any meeting on that day due to a mechanical malfunction in his helicopter. He forcibly apologized to all grassroots activists. As seen in the video, Dev is standing in front of the helicopter and the captain of that helicopter. Before Dev, the captain of the helicopter told himself about the mechanical problem. After that Dev said, ‘Our meeting was in Burdwan. Meetings were held in Purbasthali, Burdwan North and Ghalsi. We can’t go because of a mechanical fault in the helicopter. I know everyone has reached the meeting. I apologize to them.

Dev further said that there is no fault of the party candidates or workers for this incident. Deb himself apologized for them. However, he will soon go to those centers to hold meetings. Dev will probably meet those who came to the meeting that day to see Dev and listen to him. That schedule will be announced in advance.

Trinamool factional clashes have been reported in Burdwan long before the assembly elections. The Trinamool has paid more attention to strengthen the organization there. Trinamool MP Dev held a meeting in Burdwan on Saturday after Mamata Banerjee’s meeting on Friday. He appealed to strengthen Mamata’s hand by winning the party candidate. He was also scheduled to hold meetings at three places in Burdwan on Sunday.

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