Jagdeep Dhankhar on Mathabhanga Firing: Mamta doesn’t take name, Mathabhanga returns

#Kolkata: Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee called him from Boyal’s booth on polling day in Nandigram. Many people had an idea, but what is the conflict between the two sides? But Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar has repeatedly made it clear that he will not shy away from exercising his ‘power’ in any way. So since he became the governor of this state, there has been a conflict between the governor and the state government. This time there was a commotion in the hall with the incident of head-breaking. He did not comment directly on Mamata’s name during the vote. However, Mamata is his target.

On the same day, the governor wrote on Twitter, ‘The incident in Kochbihar is very sad. There is no place for violence in a democracy. Everyone should condemn this violence. Everyone needs to be proactive to stop this kind of unrest. He then wrote, ‘Violence in Kochbihar claimed lives. This incident is very heartbreaking and sad. But the ruler should follow his own religion. Everyone should show respect to the constitutional institutions and paramilitaries engaged in government work. In other words, even without naming him, he directly targeted the ‘ruler’ Mamata.

According to political circles, the governor would have been involved in the controversy if he had commented on Mamata’s name during the polls. So he tactfully attacked using the word ‘ruler’. Incidentally, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has blamed Mamata Banerjee’s provocation in the incident.

Showing a road show in Shantipur, Shah said, ‘You said to surround the central forces in Shitalkuchi. Isn’t that speech of yours responsible for this death? Apart from this incident, there was no unrest anywhere else. You are responsible for this incident. You apologize. ‘ Not only that, he also complained of polarization in death. Anand Varman was killed in Shitalkuchi yesterday morning. The evils of the grassroots have done it. But Mamata Didi is paying homage to the four. Not to Anand Varman. Mamata Didi is also doing polarizing politics here. Because Ananda Barman belongs to the Rajbangshi community. ‘

Meanwhile, the villagers gathered in front of the booth number 126 as soon as the bodies of four people arrived from the hospital. The whole village broke down in tears. Everyone wants the Chief Minister to come to the village for once. However, the Election Commission has banned all leaders from entering Shitalkuchi for 72 hours.

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