June 19, 2021

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Partha on Srabanti: “Look at the form, vote”, Partha sneered at Sravanti

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Kolkata: Opposition BJP heavyweight Trinamool leader and outgoing Education Minister Perth Chatterjee has slammed BJP candidate and actress Sravanti Chatterjee from Behala West. Perth scoffed at Sravanthi’s visit to the booth on polling day, saying, “Look, vote for me. The Trinamool candidate of Behala West Center 7 voted this morning

On Saturday morning, Perth left his Naktala house and cast his vote at the Udayan Sangh booth in front. After that, after prostrating in a temple, he entered his center and went around one booth after another. Later in the afternoon he was seen having lunch to get a chair-table in the passenger waiting room by the side of the road. “I’m not thinking about winning the vote. The question is how much the margin will increase,” Perth said as he lunched the lunch with some lentils and curry.

Sravanti Chatterjee and Perth Chatterjee are the candidates for the Behala West Center. Both of them visited the polling booths in their respective booths At the press conference at noon, the confident Perth sneered at Sravanti and said, “Look at the form, vote for me! Never go out, go out today. Parthar’s advice to Sravanti was, “Let him do the work of Tollygunge with his mind, that is good.”

Incidentally, on the day of the election, at noon, tension spread in a school in Shakuntala Park area. The BJP candidate alleged that four Matua voters were kicked out of the booth after putting ink on their fingers. They were not allowed to vote. After receiving the news, Sravanti went to their house. Take those voters to the polling station. Going there, he got into trouble again. But in the end they can vote. Sravanti later posted the incident on social media.

Responding to the incident, the veteran Trinamool leader said, “I know the Matuas very well! We fought for the Matuas forever. We stood by those Matuas. They are talking big today!” However, on the whole, peaceful voting took place in Behala.

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