June 15, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

‘Three days can be prevented, compassion cannot be erased from people’s hearts’

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#Kolkata: The state is still reeling from the deaths of four people in central government firing. The Election Commission has banned all political leaders from entering Shitalkuchi for 72 hours. Mamata Banerjee has set the tone for the seventh. In a press conference from Siliguri on Sunday, Mamata termed yesterday’s incident as ‘genocide’. He also spoke in a video call with the families of the deceased from a press conference. Trinamool MP and youth president of the party Abhishek Banerjee has spoken out on Twitter again about not allowing Mamata to go to Shitalkuchi.

Abhishek wrote in a tweet on the same day, ‘The slavery of the Election Commission towards Narendra Modi and Amit Shah is very annoying. The BJP has gone blind in its lust for power. The Election Commission could at least pretend to be neutral.

On Sunday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was scheduled to visit the village of Jorapatki in Shitakuchi. But on Saturday evening, the Election Commission issued guidelines stating that no political leader would be allowed to enter Kochbihar for the next 72 hours. As a result, the visit of the Chief Minister was canceled immediately. However, the Trinamool leader reached Siliguri in the afternoon and raised her voice against the Election Commission and the BJP.

Political leaders were barred from entering Shitalkuchi on the basis of reports from two special observers, Ajay Naik and Vivek Dubey. On this day, however, Mamata raised the question from the press conference in Siliguri, ‘Why didn’t you shoot in the leg. Aimed at the chest and shot! Tear gas could fire. Where did the forces get injured? What the commission is doing is unprecedented. There has been genocide in Shitalkuchi. The forces have brutally killed people. And after that allegation of Mamata, Abhishek again raised his voice against the commission.

This morning, however, Mamata also wrote in a tweet, ‘Let the Election Commission change the name of the Model Code of Conduct to Modi Code of Conduct. The BJP can use all its power, but nothing in this world can stop me from meeting my people and sharing their grief. Abhishek also wrote in that context, ‘You can prevent Mamata Banerjee from meeting her people for three days, but can you remove them from their hearts?’

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