‘Shitalkuchi in places’, strongly condemning Dilip Ghosh’s remarks, this time a united front at the door of the commission – News18 Beganli

#Kolkata:There will be chills in some places’. BJP state president Dilip Ghosh’s remarks on the Kochbihar beheading incident sparked state politics. The United Front, led by leftist leader Biman Basu, strongly objected to the remarks. The United Front also raised questions about the role of the commission in the Shitalkuchi incident.

Four people were killed in the firing of the central forces in Shitalkuchi. Central forces and the commission claimed they fired in self-defense. There were plans to snatch weapons from them. Biman Basu questioned whether there was any evidence of this incident. He questioned, “Maybe there are no CCTV cameras. But now everyone has a phone in their pocket. Didn’t anyone take the picture? He questioned the neutrality of the Election Commission.”

After this, in response to Dilip Ghosh’s remarks, Biman Basu said, “Various provocative remarks are being made. It is being said that there will be more chills. Will they get over? Then the question will arise about the neutral role of the Election Commission. They should not get over.”

The role of the central forces was also questioned by the Election Commission. According to the rules, the central forces can shoot below the waist in case of emergency or in self-defense. But the United Front also questioned why everyone was shot above the waist and in the chest.

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