‘There will be chills in places’, what is the ban on Dilip’s campaign? In the petition commission

#Kolkata: State politics is in turmoil after four villagers were shot dead by central forces in Shitalkuchi, Kochbihar. Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee has already called the tragic incident on election day a ‘genocide’. He is targeting BJP and Election Commission. However, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has blamed the Chief Minister’s ‘provocation’ for the incident. Even Amit Shah, against whom Mamata is most vocal, has slammed Mamata’s ‘persuasion’. But BJP state president Dilip Ghosh broke the threat barrier by attacking the opposition. Speaking in support of party candidate Parno Mitra in Baranagar on Sunday, Dilip said in a threatening tone, “If you go too far, there will be cold in some places.” And since then there has been a storm of criticism. Many have questioned how an important leader can make such a comment in the middle of a vote. Trinamool has also come down to the hall with strong steps on the issue.

The Trinamool has already lodged a complaint against Dilip Ghosh with the Election Commission. It has been requested that a ban be imposed on Dilip Ghosh’s campaign in the last four phases. At the same time, a criminal case was filed against the BJP state president. The ruling party’s allegation to the commission, as evidenced by Dilip Ghosh’s remarks, is that the central forces fired at the fingertips of the BJP leaders.

In a letter to state Chief Electoral Officer Ariz Aftab, the Trinamool claimed that Dilip Ghosh had “encouraged” the rest of the elections to carry out similar “violence” instead of condemning the brutal, cold-blooded killing of four innocent people in Shitalkuchi. Mamata Banerjee’s party also alleged that voters who went to protest against the illegal activities or conduct of the central forces were directly threatened by the remarks. The Trinamool also alleges that Dilip Ghosh’s remarks indicate that the BJP was the one who actually helped in the violence in Shitalkuchi. The Trinamool has also alleged that the Union forces carried out the “violence” on the instructions of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the Indian government and a “star campaigner” (not named) from West Bengal. However, the commission has not yet commented on the allegations.

In a public meeting on Sunday, Dilip Ghosh said, “You go in the morning and cast your vote.” The Central Force must be at the booth. If someone insists, we are here. And if you exaggerate, you have seen what happened in Shitalkuchi, there will be Shitalkuchi in such places. ‘ Such remarks by the BJP state president have started a heated debate again. Already, Trinamool MP and youth president Abhishek Bandyopadhyay has told Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a ‘plea’ tone, ‘Expel Dilip Ghosh if there is minimal humanity. You say it’s a bad thing, and your party’s state president says it’s been a long time coming.

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