West Bengal Election 2021 Phase 5: Murder-rape or other criminal case is pending against 69 candidates in the fifth phase! Who’s on the list? Learn …

#Kolkata / New Delhi: April 18 Fifth Phase Election (West Bengal Assembly Election Phase 5). The fate of 316 candidates from 45 centers in the state will be decided by the people of the area. When you see the affidavits submitted by the candidates before him in the Election Commission, your eyes are kind of compelled to look up.

According to the West Bengal Election Watch and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), all the polling stations in the fifth phase have one or more criminal cases against 25 per cent of the nominees of different political parties. In other words, out of 316 people, 69 have some criminal case against them and in the case of 74 people (20 percent) those cases are very serious. According to the ADR report, out of the 45 centers that will go to polls in the fifth phase, nine of them have Red Alerts (at least 3 of the candidates nominated in the centers are facing criminal charges).

According to the report, out of all the candidates who have cases against them, 13 have some cases related to women. There is also a case of rape against one of them. Murder / Murder / IPC-302 case is pending against 9 people and Attempt to Murder / IPC-307 case is pending against 20 people. Of the 69 candidates published, 26 are from BJP (72%), 16 from Trinamool (43%), 10 from CPIM (40%) and 2 are independents. Further analysis shows that the cases against 23 BJP candidates, 16 Trinamool candidates, 6 CPIM candidates and one independent candidate are serious.

It may be mentioned that till the publication of our report, according to the report given by ADR-r, the affidavit submitted by the Welfare Party nominated candidate Mohammad Rafiqul Islam of ‘Deganga’ center of North 24 Parganas district was incomplete. As a result, instead of 319 candidates in 45 centers, only 316 candidates can be considered.

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