Complications with the permission of the army, Mamata in dharna alone without setting the stage

#Kolkata: With the permission of the army, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee started a dharna alone in front of the Gandhi statue amidst complications. On Monday, the Chief Minister said that he would sit in a dharna under the Gandhi statue But even though the Chief Minister started the dharna, the permission of the army did not come According to sources, a representative from the army will go to the spot where the chief minister is holding a dharna and inspect everything and report to the higher authorities. After that the army will take a decision in this regard

According to army sources, the Trinamool sent an e-mail to the Army’s Eastern Command at 9.40 am seeking permission to sit in Mamata’s dharna. Because the area in front of the Gandhi statue falls under the army Besides, permission was sought from Lalbazar Before that permission came, however, the Trinamool leader started the dharna alone before 12 noon The army argued that it was not possible to give permission in such a short time However, no stage has been set for Mamata’s dharna

However, a large number of grassroots leaders, activists and supporters gathered at the Gandhi statue this morning after receiving the news that the Chief Minister would be sitting in a dharna. However, the police removed them far away Trinamool leadership did not allow anyone to take any flag or banner Several leaders of the ruling party are also in the area Everyone, however, was far away from the Chief Minister

According to Trinamool sources, no platform has been set up by the Trinamool to avoid complications with the army’s permission. No other leader was kept with Mamata And the Chief Minister will not make any statement as the Election Commission has a ban All in all, state politics was a witness to Benazir’s film

Sukanta Majumder

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