June 19, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

EC Banned Rahul Sinha: ‘8 people should have been killed’, 48-hour ban on comments on Rahul Sinha’s campaign

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#Kolkata: Not four. Eight people should have been killed by the central forces in Shitalkuchi, commented BJP leader Rahul Sinha. This time the Election Commission banned his campaign for 48 hours because of him. The commission has strongly condemned the incident, saying that such incidents are unwelcome in the future, violating the rules of the commission, so the election commission is urgently stopping his campaign without giving him notice.

Rahul Sinha marched with Mithan Chakraborty from Rabira Habra’s Chongda junction to Banipur. Though Mithu left after the campaign, BJP candidate Rahul Sinha was campaigning in Habra municipality area in the evening. It was there that Rahul Sinha made this controversial remark in response to a question from reporters about the Shitalkuchi incident. He said 6 people should have died instead of 4 in Shitalkuchi. They should show cause for why the central forces killed 4 people. The heated debate erupted when the comments came to the fore.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee condemned the remarks, saying, “They fired shots saying eight people should have been killed instead of four, they are the leaders of the country!” Civil society also condemned this comment. Not only Rahul Sinhai but also several BJP leaders have made controversial remarks about Shitalkuchi. From a meeting in Baranagar, Dilip Ghosh said, “If we go too far, there will be cold in some places.” The Trinamool also went to the commission with this.

It is to be noted that the commission, dissatisfied with the interpretation of Mamata Banerjee’s siege remarks, has issued a ban on her campaign. The Trinamool leader described the incident as unconstitutional and undemocratic. He has been sitting at the feet of Gandhi since 12 noon today. There is no party symbol or flag.

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