Maestro Banerjee is another name for Jeddah.

#Kolkata: In protest he is alone, unwavering, unique. No one should hesitate to admit that political relations with him are close or close. Even today it is not different. Alone, Mamata Banerjee sat in a dharna without any party flag.

A few days ago, the commission made a show-cause to Mamata Banerjee for her siege remarks. Mamata Banerjee also gave her answer. But not happy with the answer, the commission took action against him on the charge of persuasion. His publicity was banned for 24 hours. The entire grassroots brigade erupted in protest against this incident. Mamata Banerjee herself tweeted that the incident was unconstitutional and undemocratic. Didn’t stop there. He decided to sit down and said that if the ban was lifted, he would hold a meeting every night.

But there are obstacles, when the campaign is forbidden, then the party flag or what to use! How did the supporters come to the dharna. Mamata Banerjee used her brain weapon. At the foot of the Gandhi statue, he sat in a dharna, all alone, without any flags or banners, creating a unique ‘spectacle’. Thousands of grassroots supporters waiting outside. As soon as the ban is lifted, he will hold a meeting in Barasat at 8.30 pm in support of Trinamool candidate Chiranjit. From there you will come to Ultodanga. He will hold a meeting in support of party candidate Sujit Basu.

Whether it is Singur or Nandigram, those who have seen Mamata Banerjee know that Mamata Banerjee left others behind as a form of protest. Let there be a 28-day hunger strike to prevent Rajiv’s CBI arrest. The list is long. Like political observers, this is still the case today. Mamata Banerjee absorbed the whole light of propaganda instead of being alone. He is sitting alone in a wheelchair on the floor of the Great Marap, protesting against the commission’s decision. Needless to say, Mamata Banerjee will use this platform to spread the mantra of unity in the party. Mamata Banerjee is sitting on the dharna stage drawing while writing this report. Political analysts say that Mamata is actually trying to create a picture that makes her feel that she is not upset at all.

Let me remind you that after the Shitalkuchi incident, when he decided to go to Mathabhanga, the commission stopped him from going. Mamata did not give up, did not move away from the desired goal. Talked to the family of the deceased in a video call. Besides assuring compensation, he also said that he would go if the ban was lifted. In this way, Mamata has advanced a lot on the battlefield. Mamata’s relatives say that even though it is late today, Mamata’s meeting is not being closed, but she is getting rest all day, which she desperately needs.

Did Mamata actually take dividends in this decision of the commission? The answer will be available on May 2. But for now, it can be said that Mamata’s followers got oxygen in the uniqueness of the opposition of the party leader.

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