Mamata Banerjee Dharna: What paintings did Mamata paint on the stage?

#Kolkata: He draws pictures whenever he has time But he had to run from one district to another every day in the busyness of the election campaign Suddenly, the Election Commission’s ban seemed to give Mamata Banerjee that opportunity. Mamata Banerjee started painting while sitting on the stage in front of the Gandhi statue on Mayo Road. His main companions were paints, brushes and canvas boards to spend time in silent protests on the stage.

The Chief Minister sat in front of the Gandhi statue on the day in protest of the Election Commission’s ban. But due to restrictions and complications with the army’s permission to sit in the dharna, the chief minister began the dharna alone in a wheelchair under the Triple camp. After sitting in a dharna in front of the Gandhi statue at 12 noon, Mamata started drawing one by one. The Chief Minister brought with him various types of brushes, paints, canvas boards for drawing And he brought two small tables After sitting in the dharna, the Chief Minister started drawing pictures

Occasionally, however, the Chief Minister was seen talking on the phone After a while, the Chief Minister finished painting and showed it to the media Later, the Chief Minister posted his picture on his mobile phone

Earlier, the Chief Minister was seen drawing on the dharna stage He went to the inauguration of Durga Pujo and painted a picture in a few minutes As a result, the practice is not new to him So the Chief Minister did not forget to bring paints and brushes when he came to the dharna stage on this day

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