Mamata Banerjee: Prohibition rises, story of Mamata Palashi’s face, confidence in ‘justice’ in the eyes of ‘streetfighter’

# Barasat: The commission’s ban could not be broadcast for 24 hours. Earlier, he was banned from going to Shitalkuchi for 72 hours. When the ban on propaganda was lifted, Mamata Banerjee opened her mouth and first of all left the burden of justice to the common people. In the face of the excitement of other days, Mamata Banerjee paused and asked the question, why are they trying to stop me in every possible way? He remained silent for a while, leaving the question to the general public present at the overflowing meeting. In words, Mamata Banerjee compared this election war of Bengal with Palashi. He introduced himself as a streetfighter.

Mamata Banerjee said on the day, “From Raghabboal to Chunoputi, all the agencies of the Indian government are using all sorts of vicious attempts to occupy Bengal. I will not allow Bengal to go to Gujarat. There is no point in trying to stop me. Once again the question came to the crowd, “Why are they so afraid of me? This time, of course, he answered himself. He said,” You have the locals, you have the money. You have come down with the agency of the Government of India. There’s only one thing I’m afraid of. “

The story of El Palashi came up as the reason. Mamata Banerjee used to say, “Swami Vivekananda was once returning from Benares. He asked an English friend why India could not win the battle of Palashira, even though India had local army weapons. . ” Mamta’s explanation, I fight from the battleground. That’s why he wanted to attack. He repeatedly portrayed himself as a streetfighter.

Another ban is being raised at midnight. He will visit Shitalkuchi to meet the families of those killed in the central firing. The BJP has repeatedly accused Mamata Banerjee of naming four people but not the Rajbangshi youth. Mamata refuted the message and said, I have spoken to everyone. I will suffer even if my team member dies, I will also suffer if another group member dies.

The context of LNRC and Amit Shah in words. Mamata said, “Today I went to Lebong and said that I did not talk about NRC, what NRC did or did not do. Who deprived 14 lakh people of citizenship!”

Mamata was found in self-glory to lift the 24-hour ban, and the direction was sharper. Tomorrow, his winter journey is sure to give birth to new political turmoil. Mamata is getting ready for injury and retaliation.

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