June 18, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Mamata Banerjee: Strict commission in Mamata, why release Shuvendu-Dilip-Sayantans? The question is grassroots

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#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee’s campaign has been banned for 24 hours by the Election Commission. The Chief Minister is sitting in a dharna in front of the Gandhi statue in Kolkata on Tuesday to protest the decision. Ruling party leaders have naturally spoken out against the Election Commission in protest of the ban on Mamata Banerjee. This time, the Trinamool (TMC) tweeted and raised the question, why not take action against the BJP leaders for making one controversial comment after another if Mamata Banerjee’s campaign is banned?

Incidentally, three leaders of the state BJP have allegedly made controversial remarks after the Shitalkuchi incident. The list includes party state president Dilip Ghosh, Habra candidate Rahul Sinha and BJP leader Sayantan Basu. The ruling party has also alleged that Shuvendu Adhikari made offensive remarks during the election campaign in Nandigram. All these comments have been tweeted by the Trinamool Congress It has been alleged that the Election Commission has not taken any action against the BJP leaders for calling them ‘racist’, ‘anti-religious’ and ‘anti-caste’. The video also questioned BJP leaders’ controversial remarks on the Shitalkuchi incident, as well as remarks like “Mini Pakistan” on Shuvendu Adhikari’s face. Even after this, the ruling party has raised the question as to why the ban was imposed on Mamata Banerjee. At the same time, it has been demanded, “Democracy will win, Mamata Banerjee will also return.” And the people of Bengal should respond to this undemocratic move.

On April 6 and 7, the commission sent two notices to the Trinamool leader. In response to the notice, the commission imposed a 24-hour ban on the Chief Minister’s campaign without being satisfied with the explanation sent by Mamata Banerjee. Their allegation is that the statement of the Chief Minister is against the code of conduct

The Trinamool leader expressed her displeasure by tweeting that the commission’s ban was undemocratic and unconstitutional. But once the ban is lifted, Mamata Banerjee will start campaigning vigorously from Tuesday night. He will hold a meeting in Barasat first and then in Bidhannagar after 8 pm on Tuesday

Though Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee did not question the ban on campaigning, CPM leader Sujan Chakraborty questioned the commission’s neutrality. He also said that the commission should take stern action against Dilip Ghosh and Rahul Sinha for their comments on Shitalkuchi.

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