West Bengal Assembly Election 2021: Why the shooting? The CISF will conduct a separate investigation into the Shitalkuchi case

#Kolkata: CISF 7 will conduct a separate investigation into the Shitalkuchi incident On April 10, during the fourth round of voting, the central forces opened fire on booth 127 of the Shitalkuchi assembly constituency. Four people were killed and seven others were injured in the incident 7 CISF jawans were in charge of security in that booth The CISF will conduct an internal investigation to find out the circumstances under which they were shot and what actually happened.

This news was found in the sources of the Election Commission Senior CISF-AP officials are also coming to the state from Delhi to investigate. However, they will not go to the scene of Shitalkuchi CISF officials will speak to the troopers who were at the scene that day. Talks will also be held with the officials of Election Commission and District Police Administration

CISF 7 submitted its preliminary report to the Election Commission immediately after the Shitalkuchi incident The report claimed that the soldiers were forced to shoot in self-defense Otherwise, hundreds of villagers had gathered to carry out a deadly attack on them It is alleged that the soldiers also tried to snatch firearms The police superintendent of Kochbihar and two special observers of the commission also supported the demand of the force Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, however, claimed that the CID would investigate the incident if she came to power.

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