Coronavirus in Bengal: About 6 thousand newly infected in 24 hours! Don’t take horrible forms in the state

#Kolkata: In one day, about 6,000 people were infected with the new corona in the state According to the state health department, 5,692 people have been newly infected in West Bengal in the last 24 hours. And 6 out of 24 people died

According to the statistics, the worst situation is in Kolkata and 8 of the 24 northern parganas In the last 24 hours, 1601 people have been infected with corona in Kolkata 6 out of 6 people died North twenty-four parganas are also not backward In one day, the number of new victims is 128 6 out of 6 people died in this district In Howrah, Hooghly and South 24 Parganas, at least 300 people have been infected in the last 24 hours.

Physicians and health experts are watching Shire Sankranti as the number of cases is increasing almost daily. The government has already directed to increase the number of beds for corona patients in Kolkata hospitals At the moment, the number of active corona patients in the state is 32,621 Many hospitals are being forced to return corona patients due to lack of beds

Doctors believe that the main reason behind the increase in the number of infected people is the tendency of the general public not to follow the health rules. It is feared that the situation may get out of hand if the situation is not resolved

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