June 15, 2021

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Poet Shankha Ghosh tested corona positive in Kolkata staying in home isolation– News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: Corona-affected veteran poet Sankh Ghosh. Poet 7 is in home isolation at home His physical condition is reported to be stable. Family sources said he would be treated at home.

It is learned that the veteran poet had a slight fever for the last two days. The report came on Wednesday afternoon when the test was done. After that it was known that he had contracted Corona. According to family sources, he does not have a fever at the moment. There is a slight weakness. However, all in all, his physical condition is stable.

Shankhababu has been suffering from various physical problems due to old age for several months. He has to be admitted to the hospital several times. However, he was undergoing treatment at home during the coronation period. In the last two days, fever and stomach problems have occurred. However, Shankhababu’s family has informed that his treatment will continue at home, not at the hospital. The poet has been under house arrest for the last few years due to his physical illness. Meanwhile, the world of culture and our Bengalis are worried about the news of the infection of the veteran poet Corona.

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