The west-west tunnel of the East-West Metro will be completed only after crossing a distance of about four hundred and fifty meters.

By Smita Das :-The tunnel, which started near the Vidyapati Bridge in Sealdah in the first week of March this year, is now near the Bank of India junction adjacent to Baubazar. Metro officials hope that if all goes well, the tunnel boring machine (TBM) Urbi will complete the tunnel excavation of the East-West Metro in the third week of May this year.
In this phase, the construction of a pair of East-West Metro tunnels will also be completed once Urby completes his work. In that case, the underground communication route from Howrah Maidan to Sealdah will be made.Now the work of constructing four underground metro stations at a distance from Howrah Maidan to Esplanade is in full swing. They are Howrah Maidan, Howrah, B or the Bug and Esplanade.
However, East-West Metro engineers said it would not be possible to start work on the final phase of construction of the Sealdah station until the construction of the west-facing tunnel to Baubazar is completed. This is because the work of digging the west-facing tunnel is being done from Sealdah. Necessary equipment is also reaching the ground through that route. The construction of the tunnel is now being controlled from Sealdah.
According to Metro sources, there are plans to extend the East-West Metro service from Phulbagan to Sealdah by the middle of next year. The work of decorating the Sealdah station has started for him. Work is now underway to install two escalators at the station.
Besides, the process of rescuing TBM Chandi trapped in the collapsed Baubazar has also started. A square hole about 20 meters deep is being dug in that place. Already four meters have been dug.
A metro official said, “Work is still going on safely. The tunnel may touch Baubazar in the third week of May. After that, the important work of connecting the two sides of the western tunnel will have to be completed by overcoming several technical hurdles. ”


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