11 more police observers in the state to prevent violence, education from blood-soaked cold – News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: Before the fifth round of voting, the Election Commission decided to increase the number of police observers in the state. According to the commission sources, the decision was taken to hold free and peaceful elections against violence. Sources said 11 more police observers would arrive in the state before the fifth phase of the 45-seat polls.

Of the five states that went to the polls, Bengal had the highest number of police observers. But even that did not stop the violence. Despite the sporadic unrest from the first phase, the fourth phase has disturbed the sleep of the commission. In this phase, there has been an uproar across the state over the firing of the central forces at booth No. 127 in Shitalkuchi. The commission wants to ensure that such problems do not arise in the rest of the clauses.

To put it bluntly, the Commission has learned from the experience of the last four rounds of voting. Especially since the Shitalkuchi incident, the heads of the commission have felt the need for observers to coordinate the police and the army. Ajay Naik and Vivek Dubey, two special observers appointed by the commission, sat in a high-level meeting with the chiefs of the central forces in Barasat on Monday. There, the two observers instructed the CRPF to be more careful in the next round of voting. Sources said that the final decision would be taken in coordination with the district administration keeping in mind the situation in the upcoming election process. He also said that the standard operating procedure (SOP) must be followed in case of firing in self-defense.

It was decided at this time that 20 more new police observers would be appointed. But in the end 11 people are coming. There were already 55 observers in the state. That means the number will go up to 6 people. They will be tested first. Then they will be sent to different places according to the decision. These newly appointed observers will work from 20 places.

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