June 15, 2021

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Abhisekh Banerjee: What exactly did Prashant Kishore do, how is the chemistry with him, so far Abhishek Banerjee has broken up

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#Kolkata: For the first time, Abhishek Banerjee opened his mouth with Prashant Kishore about his chemistry. In an exclusive interview with News18Bangla, he said, what is the role of Prashant Kishore, how much is the contact with him.

Prashant Kishore has been working with the Trinamool Congress since 2019. Why was his cunning needed? The flat answer to the question is, before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Narendra Modi also put Prashant Kishore in a cage. If they can use it, we can’t make any argument. Throwing a counter question, Abhishek said, “Why don’t any journalist ask!”

Trinamool chief Abhishek acknowledged the importance of Prashant but made it clear that he was not part of the party. Abhishek dismissed the party’s outsourcing theory, which has repeatedly surfaced at this election stage, saying, “This is a total lie. Although he did not take the name, the finger of clear debut is on Shuvendu Adhikari.

In Abhishek’s words, “The party used to run on the Observer model. Now the downstairs model has changed. We have given opportunities to those who have potential to work.” According to Abhishek, this is the reason why the leaders who have left the party are angry.

Many say that the closest contact with Abhishek Banerjee is with Prashant Kishore. Abhishek has also blown up this demand today, his demand is not his word, there is a committee of seven. The committee has senior leaders like Saugat Roy, Firhad Hakim, Derek O’Brien, Perth Chatterjee and Kalyan Banerjee. As a result, the work is based on everyone’s opinion and the supremo is above all led by Mamata Banerjee.

But why would a calm teenager stay on top of senior leaders, give homework! Abhishek explained, not Prashant, the younger leaders of the party are given the job from the party, Prashant Kishore does not. The team sees what is working in the team.

L The context of the audio tape. Abhishek countered, the politics of showing half-truths. Prashant Kishore said in unison, the BJP has cut a part of the original. He asked in a calm tone so that the whole video was brought to the fore.

The whole country is full of speculations about Prashant Kishore. No one has ever heard Abhishek’s explanation of Prashant so clearly before. Needless to say, in this interpretation, new meanings will be sought, new speculations will be made.

-Kamalika Sengupta

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