June 20, 2021

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Dilip Ghosh’s campaign banned for 24 hours due to comments

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#Kolkata: BJP state president Dilip Ghosh’s campaign has been banned for 24 hours for this comment. The statement from the Election Commission made it clear that Dilip Ghosh’s remarks on Shitalkuchi were highly reprehensible and provocative. That is why he will not be able to participate in any election campaign in the next 24 hours. At the same time, he has been warned to refrain from making such comments in the future. According to the commission, the ban will continue from 7 pm today to 7 pm tomorrow.

The central forces opened fire on Shitalkuchi during the fourth round of state elections on Saturday, April 10. In this incident, a fight broke out in the state politics. And just at that time, the BJP leaders started making one controversial comment after another about this cold-blooded incident. Dilip Ghosh was not left out either. He said from the Parno Mitra campaign meeting in Baranagar on Sunday that there will be chills in some places.

Dilip Ghosh is heard to say, stand in line on the morning of the 18th and vote. There will be a central force in the booth and no one will be able to show red eyes. And if anyone has seen what has happened in Shitalkuchi. There will be chills in places.

As soon as Dilip’s remarks came to light, Trinamool MP Derek O’Brien sent a notice to Dilip Ghosh on Tuesday. The notice said a unilateral decision would be taken against him on Wednesday morning if he did not respond within 24 hours. Dilip Ghosh replied that he did not want to break the election rules in any way. He also apologized for the comments. But that was not the end. The Election Commission is adamant in its decision not to allow Dilip Ghosh to speak for 24 hours.

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