June 18, 2021

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Exclusive Parno … An interview of Baranagar Constituency candidate and actress Parno Mitra– News18 Beganli

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Bright, smart, intelligent. After saying these words, she is in the first row among the few actresses of Tollygunge whose faces are floating. On screen and off screen, his appeal, like his name, is superfluous. Pull pull. Parno Mitra, who has set foot in politics from an actress. The month-long campaign ended on Wednesday. Parno, a BJP candidate from Baranagar, spoke to News18Bangla in a telephone interview on Thursday.

1) How much has Parno Mitra changed from 2019/20 to 2021?

Parno : “The man is the same. But the experience of life is increasing a lot. What else happens with age.” Explaining with a pause, he said, “Actually, I used to lose my temper very easily. I used to get a little restless. Nowadays, it doesn’t happen anymore. I used to get very nervous in words. Now that is not the case. I can see these changes in myself. “

2) What kind of clothes did you like to wear in the campaign?

Parno : “I saw this summer that the ideal cotton kurta to wear during the campaign.” Laughing, he said, “At first I thought ‘honestly’ I would do it after sari. But in this summer I saw that salwar kameez is the most comfortable. It is much more comfortable. And soft cotton is the most comfortable fabric.

3) Road shows, public meetings, walking mile after mile to reach people. There are many stories of feet now. What kind of shoes have you chosen in the last few days? Light, flat shoes or sneakers?

Parno : Only sneakers !! I have had to walk so much in the last one month. That has always been on the feet. And that seemed to me a lot of benefits.

Believe it or not Believe it or not

4) A trend is often seen among women who have come to politics from star life, such as micro mini-tank-top while handloom sari in election campaign. What is the reason behind this? Does politics have a dress code?

Parno : “I think the reason is purely ‘practical’.” Instagram’s ‘Queen P’ Parno’s clear answer is, “Look, it’s not that jeans can’t be promoted. But at work, the amount of time we have to walk for publicity is to wear jeans or other clothing as long as we have to walk outside in the sun.” It’s painful. So we all choose soft clothes, body covered clothes. Because cotton clothes absorb sweat very quickly. That’s why we will see that none of us wear silk salwar or sari. ” The BJP candidate from Baranagar added, “Think about it, Indira Gandhi also wore a sari.”

5) From Mandevilla Garden to Baranagar, what is the journey like?

Parno : “I can’t ‘adjust’ very well.” Parno, who spent his childhood at a boarding school in Karshiang, said, “That life taught me a lot. I also learned a lot from adapting to different situations.” The actress, who has been renting a flat in Baranagar for the past one month, said, “I have been in Mandevilla Gardens for my mother’s treatment for the last five years. Before that we lived in Salt Lake. Before that I stayed in Arunachal Pradesh for my father’s job. I don’t like it. And I have visited Baranagar many times even as a child.

6) The daily routine in the last month’s campaign is probably ‘upside down’? How are you coping with that?

Parno : “I would go out at seven in the morning. I would return at ten or eleven at night. I would come home for lunch at any time I could. I took a flat in Baranagar. There. It was such a situation that I didn’t even get a chance to visit my mother for almost a month.”

  'Growing Experience, Patience' ‘Growing Experience, Patience’

6) After a completely different day of the past month, does Parnor feel a little empty now?

Parno : The campaign is over. Holy Boishakh is on Thursday. The girl who came running after hearing the news of her mother’s illness seemed to be a little indifferent and a little restless. “Now my campaign is over. The wait is on the 16th. I really want the polls to go smoothly. In fact, everyone has a different routine during the campaign. Outside of him, but we can make our own routine again. .

8) Fitness freak Parno Mitra What was he doing to keep himself fit this month?

Parno : Laughing, he replied from small screen to big screen, from back lace-off shoulder top to sari barely equally comfortable and smooth. “Two hours of walking in the morning and two hours at night. After that you don’t have to do anything special to keep yourself fit. That’s how it looks.”

9) There has been a lot of change from food to drink in the last one month. What kind of food did you like during the preaching days?

Parno : “I was eating very light food. Pulses and rice were light vegetables. Diameter. I was mostly vegetarian. Frequent drinking of coconut water, salt-sugar-water and ORS were all relied on.”

10) Preaching is like waking up the night before the exam. Do you want to break such a rule when the test is over? Wanting something like that?

Parno : “No. I can’t really think that way right now. I still have a lot of work to do. I’m focused on that. I’m thinking about that.”

11) What would it feel like to go to the disco and dance or to sit down and sip wine?

Parno : “Orebaba, I don’t go to nightclubs or discos anyway. I don’t go to omni either. And I don’t want to go anywhere, especially in the market of this covid. I think everyone should stay at home. It’s better to come back home with a vote.”

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