June 23, 2021

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In the next 4-point vote, the commission has made several decisions to deal with the growing political violence in Corona – News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: The first four rounds of the West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 have passed. There are still four more points left. Senior officials of the Election Commission held a virtual meeting on the rest of the day’s voting. On the one hand, in the last four phases of West Bengal, there have been incidents of violence in different areas. In the fourth phase, the political circles heated up over the incident of Sitalkuchi violence in Kochbihar. On the other hand, corona infection has also taken a terrible shape in Bengal. As of Thursday morning, the number of corona cases in West Bengal was 8,30,116.

In the next clauses, the Election Commission is insisting on the issuance of Section 144 in the areas. The same decision has been taken in today’s virtual meeting. If there is unrest outside the areas where Section 114 will continue, the area will also be cordoned off immediately. State police have been instructed to charge with batons if the situation gets out of hand or if the mob creates chaos.

Kovid was also discussed at the meeting. Voters have been asked to maintain a distance of 2 feet in the line outside the booth to ensure that the corona infection does not spread further. Election observers will be on duty from 5 am. If the situation gets out of control, the observer is given the right to make an appropriate decision immediately. In the last four phases, 60 observers were on duty. There will be 6 observers in the next round of voting.

State politics has been unsettled by the deaths of four people in the firing of the central forces in Shitalkuchi in the fourth round of voting. Central forces have been allowed to fire if incidents like Shitalkuchi happen in the future. But the commission said the shots were fired below the knee.

Incidentally, Rezaul Haque, a Congress candidate from Samsherganj, died of Kovid. In this situation, the Trinamool Congress is going to demand the Election Commission to reduce the election margin in the state. According to sources, although the fifth round of voting has not changed, the remaining three rounds, namely the sixth, seventh and eighth rounds, are likely to be held on the same day. According to the commission, at least 500 additional troops are needed for this. In addition, the three-point campaign will be together then. In that case, they are thinking about how to handle the situation.

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