Mamata Banerjee: Marota Banerjee desperately requests the commission to hold the rest of the polls in one day

#Kolkata: The corona virus is spreading in the state. Congress candidate Rezaul Haque of Samsherganj has died. In this situation, the Trinamool Congress (TMC) demanded the Election Commission to reduce the number of points in the state elections (West Bengal Assembly Election 2021). An application has been made so that the election of the remaining points i.e. the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth points is done in one day. But the commission has said that a three-point election is not possible one day. Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee tweeted about this.

According to the commission, it is not possible to vote in the sixth to eighth rounds at once. If 3 points of votes are cast together, additional forces will be required. There is a risk of the booth being occupied if the state forces vote. Police observer Vivek Dubey has made such a claim.

On the other hand, Mamata tweeted that we are opposing the decision of the commission to hold elections on 6 points in the Corona epidemic. With the Corona infection on the rise, I urge the Election Commission to hold the rest of the elections on the same day. People will then be protected from further infection.

This time the state is holding elections in eight phases. From the very beginning, the Trinamool had opposed the vote so many times in Corona Atimari. The four-point vote has already ended. Next Saturday, April 18, the fifth round of voting in the state. After that there are three more points. The Trinamool claimed that the remaining four points, including the fifth point, would be cast in one day.

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