The little girl is listening to Kumantavya in the name of her father, Abhishek has taught Ajania how to fight

#Kolkata: The voting market has to hold at least two to three public meetings every day. As a result, it is natural that he will be in the light of propaganda. But not all propaganda is flawless, there are thorns. BJP leaders sometimes call him a scoundrel, sometimes his party is called PC Vaipo Syndicate. He is Abhishek Banerjee, a politician as well as a family man. He is not usually seen opening his mouth about the private world. But when the child sees on the TV screen, such comments are being made about the father, how does he react? This is the first time Abhishek Banerjee has broken himself in an exclusive interview with News Eighteen Bangla. He opened his mouth about this personal world and the fight.

In an exclusive interview with News18Bangla, Abhishek was asked on the same day whether the Prime Minister or the Home Minister is being attacked by the big and small leaders of the BJP. Tolabaj, the thief has no comments. What is the impact of this incident on his children? What did he say to the children?

Abhishek Banerjee analyzed the matter with a cold head. At first he admitted that yes, his daughter Ajania is also facing these issues. And at this age, little by little, he began to understand why this was happening.

In Abhishek’s words, I explained to him the position of the Prime Minister and the importance of the Prime Minister’s seat. I have to respect this seat. But he has also been explained why such comments are made and who makes them. Besides, Abhishek has told Banerjee or Ajania that in future he too may have to face such comments and be prepared for it.

On February 23, Abhishek’s wife Rujira Banerjee came to the Santiniketan building to be interrogated by the CBI. And just before that, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee reached the house. Later, little Ajania was seen coming out holding Mamta’s hand. Abhishek’s son Ayansh is not even two years old now. However, Abhishek explained in words that Abhishek is aware enough about politics as well as children’s psychology.

-Kamalika Sengupta

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