June 15, 2021

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The Trinamool will demand the remaining four points of vote in one day

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#Kolkata: Don’t take horrible forms in the state Rezaul Haque, a Congress candidate from Samsherganj, died on the same day In this situation, the Trinamool Congress is going to demand the Election Commission to reduce the election margin in the state. According to sources, the Trinamool will propose to hold the rest of the assemblies in one phase instead of four.

The Election Commission has called an all-party meeting on Friday to discuss how the rest of the polls will be held in the wake of the Corona uprising. At that meeting, the ruling party of the state will make this proposal to cut the clause

This time the election is being held in eight phases in the state From the very beginning, the Trinamool Congress had opposed the vote so many times in Corona Atimari The four-point voting has already ended Next Saturday, April 17, the fifth round of voting in the state After that the remaining three points are 6 The Trinamool will demand that the remaining four points, including the fifth point, be cast in one day

The number of corona cases in the state is increasing almost every day The number of new victims reached 6,000 on Wednesday Physicians and health experts say the lack of campaigning in the state is one of the main reasons for the deteriorating situation Almost no hygiene is being observed in publicity or big public meetings Most of the candidates and leaders of political parties and activists are showing utter indifference in this regard

Rezaul Haque alias Montu Biswas, a Congress candidate from Samsherganj, died at a Kolkata hospital in the early hours of the same day. Several other candidates have already been affected by Corona All in all, the big challenge for the commission is to conduct the elections in a fair manner in the Corona situation

Kamalika Sengupta

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