“There is only one secret behind my smiling face …!” Listen to the sweet answer of Trinamool candidate artist Aditi Munshi

Aditi Munshi from Rajarhat Gopalpur constituency is among the star candidates of Trinamool (Bengal Election 2021). In the life of this sweet girl from the beginning to the end, the addition of politics was in the hands of her husband This time he himself is directly involved in politics How is day 7? Artist Aditi Munshi replied with a smile that the rhythm of his music is very similar to the rhythm of voting.

1) Is it just a political discussion with the husband now? Or is kirtan heard?

Aditi- (Laughs one cheek) No, I don’t listen to kirtan, I don’t discuss politics. We are like two friends We talk like friends Besides making any decision in life or any other thing And the chat is 7 This is how we spend time together

2) What is the secret behind the always smiling face?

Aditi- I don’t know There is no reason I have been laughing like this since I was little In fact, it has happened for the parents He always advised to be happy And that’s how he grew up But my smile cannot be compared to any show smile or advertisement smile

3) What can be done if you play, what if you practice yoga? Everyone’s head is getting hot Many people are talking very harshly?

Aditi- In fact, I pursue music There is a mahatma in music that keeps the mind well Music is the work of meditation And it helps us to be beautiful

4) You have made kirtan popular Did political propaganda further help to spread this folk art of Bengal all around?

Aditi- Look, I didn’t do anything A national platform helped me to rise in this way And the music reaches its own merits Kirtan is a very popular folk art of Bengal Kirtan 7 moves everyone with its own rhythm and melody People love to listen I am blessed to be able to convey that to them That is my job

5) Suppose you are facing a difficult question or an adverse situation Do you remember Krishna in your mind?

Aditi- We remember God in some situations We trust in Him, good and bad I do the same

6) Vegetarian or non-vegetarian, what kind of food do you like?

Aditi- Vegetarian

6) Has anyone bowed down with their hands and feet in the campaign? Because that is the image of Aditi Munshi For example, those who played the role of Rama and Sita in the Ramayana had 7

Aditi– It’s been a long time since the ceremony He bowed to me I think they really want to bow to God Many have come to the campaign to bow down

7) The slogan of your team will be played Do you have any phrases of your own with the name of Kirtan or Thakur? Like Hari Hari, or Hari Bol?

Aditi- (Laughs sweetly) Something like that is not coming to mind

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