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# Nanur: “There is no CPM vote here. I will cut off my hand when I come to vote.” Nanur’s CPIM MLA and candidate Shyamoli Pradhan faced such a threat while campaigning. Nurman Sheikh, husband of Julie Bibi, a Trinamool panchayat member from Agattar village in Nanur panchayat, has threatened to cut off her hand if she votes with a hammer. However, Shyamoli Pradhan, the outgoing CPIM MLA of Nanur, has been campaigning from house to house in the same village by resisting threats. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. The video of this incident has already gone viral.

Sources said that the United Front candidate went out in the campaign on Wednesday as usual. As soon as she entered Agattar village, the husband of a local panchayat member got into an argument with her. The road he is campaigning on is said to be grassroots. Shyamoli Palta said they were not given a chance to submit their nominations to the panchayat. He also complained that the legislature has been prevented from spending money.

The grassroots activist, however, did not want to hear anything. On the contrary, Shyamoli is provoking the common people even though she knows that she will not get votes. In words, Julie Bibi’s husband shouted that his hand would be cut off when he came to vote. This spread tension in the whole area.

Electoral violence in Nanur is not a new phenomenon. A few days ago, a bomb was recovered from here. Shyamoli Pradhan lost to Gadadhar Hazra here in 2011. However, in 2016 he got this seat back. It will be another fortnight to know whether the wind will be in his favor in 2021.

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