West Bengal Election 2021: Jaya walks beside Mamta, grabs a wheelchair! Trinamool Road Show ‘Two Girls of Bengal’

#Kolkata: He has been campaigning for the Trinamool Congress (TMC) in the state for more than a week This time MP Jaya Bachchan also walked the road show with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. On the same day, Mamata held a road show from Beleghata to Baubazar in support of three Trinamool candidates from North Kolkata. In that road show, Jaya Bachchan is seen walking quite a bit on both sides of Mamata. Jaya Bachchan was even seen carrying Mamata’s wheelchair at the beginning of the procession.

On this day, Mamata’s road show started from the front of Alocheya Cinema Hall in Beleghata From there, Kankurgachhi Junction, Maniktala Main Road, Amherst Street to Baubazar Junction and Mamata’s Road Show ends. Jaya Bachchan joined the procession from the beginning Amitabh Jaya is seen walking next to Mamta in a wheelchair He was also seen holding Mamata’s wheelchair In the middle of the procession, the Chief Minister was seen talking to Jaya Bachchan The veteran MP walked with Mamata till the Phulbagan junction He then drove to 8 Ahmerst Street When the procession reached there, Jaya Bachchan started walking beside Mamata again

When the procession stopped near Shraddhananda Park, the Chief Minister handed over the mic to Jaya Bachchan “I have come here as Mamta’s friend,” said Jaya, wishing a large crowd a happy New Year. Whatever he does, he wants to do, I support him There is no need to change in Bengal Mamata Banerjee has made a lot of progress, she will do more Will it play? But for him, clean the field You win Mamata Banerjee. ‘

On this day, the Chief Minister held a road show in support of the grassroots candidates of the three centers The Trinamool leader campaigned for Paresh Pal of Beleghata, Sadhan Pandey of Maniktala and Vivek Gupta of Jorasanko Assembly candidate. However, Jaya Bachchan became the main attraction of the procession with Mamata The main slogan of the Trinamool in this election is, ‘Bengal wants its daughter.’ And the ruling party is promoting Jaya Bachchan as another girl of Bengal

Jaya Bachchan started campaigning for the grassroots in the state on the 5th At first it was right, for three days he would campaign in support of the grassroots candidates But even after that, Jaya is still campaigning for the ruling party in Calcutta Samajwadi Party MPs were also scheduled to have a program with Mamata Banerjee. On the same day, Mamata and Jaya were seen together for the first time in the campaign Since coming to the state, Jaya Bachchan has been full of praise for Mamata At the same time, he attacked BJP without naming it

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