EC Covid Meeting: All-party meeting today, Trinamool wants four-point amalgamation, Commission to court

#Kolkata: Don’t grow every day. Meanwhile, the remaining four points are still up for election. In this situation, today, all the parties of the state are going to sit in the meeting called by the Election Commission at Bedi Bhaban on Friday. The discussion will be on issues like voting and campaigning in Corona situation.

It is already known that the Trinamool Congress will inform the meeting that the ruling party of the state wants attachment of the remaining clauses. Wants the rest of the steps to be completed in one day to avoid covid infection. It is to be noted that there has been opposition to voting in eight rounds since the Covid transition. Gradually the situation has worsened, increasing the rate of corona infection.

United Front proposes to increase caution in voting. As a first step in that caution, the front has already announced that it will not hold a large meeting.

However, whatever the news proposal from the commission sources, the four-point attachment is not possible. It is impossible to change the way programming is done overnight. It has been decided to keep 924 companies in the sixth phase, 691 companies in the seventh phase and 746 companies in the eighth phase. In other words, a total of 2461 company forces will be required in three points. It is learned that it is not possible to bring these 2461 forces into the state overnight. According to commission sources, Special Police Observer Vivek Dubey said in a report that booth capturing could happen if the state armed forces did not vote. He is in favor of 100% central army siege. Attachment is not possible for all these reasons.

Some political observers say the BJP does not want the rest of the episode to end at once. In that case, they are also concerned about the decision of the commission. Because they already have regional planning plans. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit the state more than once in the remaining four phases. Aspane JP Nadda, Amit Shahrao. That management has been done on the whole. In this situation, the decline in the campaign means that there will be a loss in the ballot box like this inside the BJP. So all in all, there is a headache with today’s heavyweight meeting in Padma Shibir as well.

On the other hand, the Trinamool has repeatedly called the commission biased. If the commission does not agree to the merger proposal, it is believed that they will use Corona’s upward graph as a political tool.

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