May 12, 2021

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Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar tweets expressing concern over covid situation in Bengal– News18 Beganli Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar tweets expressing concern over covid situation in Bengal– News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar took to Twitter to express concern over the state’s corona situation. In his tweet on Friday, the governor wrote that the cowardly situation in the state is extremely worrying Everyone must be enterprising to deal with it So that it takes the form of mass movement The governor also tagged the Vice President’s Office and the Prime Minister’s Office. He also prayed for the cooperation of all hospitals, including the Red Cross

Incidentally, in the last few days, the situation in the country has taken a terrible shape On Thursday and Friday, two consecutive days, more than 200,000 Corona patients were found in the last 24 hours. The situation in West Bengal is also deplorable On Thursday, the day of the Bengali New Year, the number of new covid positive patients was around seven thousand. The number of deaths is also increasing.

According to experts, the Corona situation in West Bengal is getting worse as the elections go on Road shows, meetings, processions are being held in the state Doctors fear the vote will make it virtually impossible for the state to cope with the increase in Corona. In this situation, the State Election Commission called an all-party meeting on Friday The meeting discussed the remaining four-point vote and how the three-point campaign could be carried out in accordance with the Corona Rules.

Already, Trinamool supremo and state chief minister Mamata Mukherjee has proposed to complete the remaining three rounds in one day after the fifth round of elections. However, sources said that the commission has no such plan However, it is learned that no political party agreed to the virtual campaign in the all-party meeting. Eksur was heard in the mouths of the representatives of all the parties in the campaign in accordance with the rules.

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