Bangla, the best of the best, impressing everyone in the election news of Bengal, says the verdict of the reader

#Kolkata: The political atmosphere of Bengal is in full swing in the election war. The fight is going on inch by inch. All the regional media are fighting to bring every update of that battlefield to the attention of the people. However, in the judgment of ComScore (the organization that certifies digital reader statistics), it has become the most popular in terms of election news, surpassing all regional media in terms of election news.

News18Bangla ( has come a long way in this war, leaving behind all the regional language media in the country. The readers (unique visitors) of the News18 Bangla website alone have reached 69 lakh 50 thousand as a comScore. In addition to this, according to the report of ComScore Metrics, the number of video viewers (video views) in News18Bangla as of this quarter from January to March is 12 crore 58 thousand.

Needless to say, based on the information provided by CrowdTangle, News18 Bangla ( has also taken the first place among all the regional language speaking companies in video sharing this quarter. The amount of video shares is 1 crore 2 lakh 30 thousand.

Statistics show that as the voting climate has heated up, countless Bengali-speaking people in and outside the state have relied on News18Bangla for information. In addition to the old visitors, new visitors have started reading and exchanging news on this site every day. It is this combination of new and old readers that has made it one of the top regional language media outlets in the country.

It is worth mentioning that the best quality news selection and delivery is the bird’s eye view of Niju18. Being constantly at the mercy of the readers, maintaining the brightest presence in the news market proves that the dedication of the company has tied the needs of the readers in unison.

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