June 15, 2021

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West Bengal Election 2021: All-party meeting in Corona Abe Commission, ‘Eksur’ all political parties in campaigning according to rules

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#Kolkata: Assembly election campaign will continue in compliance with all corona rules. In other words, the election campaign will not be stopped even in Corona. Neither will the virtual campaign. This was informed by the Election Commission after the all-party meeting. In other words, the commission also agreed to the proposal of the political parties to continue the campaign in accordance with the rules. However, the commission did not agree with the Trinamool’s proposal to merge the remaining phases of the vote.

Representatives of all the political parties in the state were present at the meeting convened by the Election Commission at Bedi Bhaban on Friday on issues like voting and campaigning in the Corona situation. Representatives of Trinamool, BJP, United Front – all political parties took part in today’s meeting. Trinamool was against the eight-point vote from the beginning. After the Corona panic escalated, the Trinamool Shibir repeatedly demanded a merger. Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee herself wrote a letter to the commission requesting this. But the Election Commission did not agree to this petition at the meeting. On the other hand, no political party agrees with the proposal of the Virtual Propaganda Commission. At the all-party meeting, all the parties were unanimous on this issue. No one is willing to violate the democratic right of propaganda. That is the news of the source. So in the end, the commission decided to allow the campaign to run in strict compliance with the rules, that is, in keeping with the mask and social distance.

Perth Chatterjee, a senior Trinamool leader who joined the meeting on behalf of the Trinamool after the all-party meeting, said, “We want to show that if the three points are done in one day, the fear of human infection will be less.” On the other hand, BJP representative Swapan Dasgupta said, “We have told the commission that virtual campaigning is not possible because it undermines the issue of democratic voting.” On the other hand, the proposal of the united front in the meeting was to increase the caution in voting. As a first step in that caution, the front has already announced that it will not hold a large meeting.

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