Bengal Election 2021: The rush to take selfies with Mimi! Voters accused of being angry with the commission

#Kolkata: She is an MP, she is called an actress again! No matter how hard you try, the voters did not want to miss the opportunity to take selfies when they were found in the polling booth. But while taking that selfie, the commission got angry with the voter. Allegations of negligence of duty were leveled against the voter.

MP Mimi Chakraborty at her home in Jalpaiguri to cast her vote in the fifth phase of elections. His vote was on this day. Jadavpur MP Mimi Chakraborty, a voter from Jalpaiguri Sadar Assembly constituency, arrives at noon to cast her vote. Mimi came to vote at booth 16/155 of Jalpaiguri Pandapara Junior Basic School around 1pm on Saturday. As per the rules his is thermal checking. He entered the polling station wearing gloves and following the rules.

But after that, seeing Mimi inside the center, a commotion started among the voters. The request to take a selfie is a far cry, many people are busy taking pictures on their mobile phones after work. Mimi lost his temper within moments. He shouted, “Hey, what are you doing! Your job will go too, my job will go too.” That is not the end. After voting in peace, a few activists followed Mimi out of the house. Even on the verandah of that school, the poll workers used to take selfies like crazy. Mimi, angry at the whole incident, then came out without saying anything. He returned home with a pujo at the local Kalibari after voting.

But the allegation, even after Mimi left, was that for a long time that voter was seen sitting at the polling station using a mobile. He did not respond when asked about taking selfies. Jalpaiguri District Electoral Officer Moumita Godara Basu said in a telephone interview that the two were allowed to use their mobile phones to exchange various information at the polling station. But they were not allowed to take selfies. I was looking into the matter.

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