Bengal Election 5 Phase: Modi’s tweet in the morning, special message for first time voters

#NewDelhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is giving a special message to those who are going to exercise their right to vote for the first time. The Prime Minister is urging them to go to the booth and vote and give a message to taste democracy. The first step in any work is memorable Voting is no exception So for the first time, this tweet of the Prime Minister and very popular leader Modi (West Bengal Assembly Election Phase 5) to increase the enthusiasm of the voters a few more times. He also gave a message to other voters to cast their votes in large numbers

Modi-Mamata Banerjee duality is frozen on the battlefield of Bengal. On the morning of every round of voting, the Prime Minister is tweeting according to the rules And to win the hearts of the people of Bengal, he is tweeting in Bengali (Narendra Modi tweets in Benfali). Experts think that Modi’s move is to get closer to the Bengalis Sometimes encouraging women to vote, sometimes for the first time voters, sometimes the message of voting in peace is coming up in his tweets. That trend was maintained even in the fifth round of voting in Bengal

In this phase elections will be held in 45 seats of 6 districts. In terms of the 2016 assembly elections, the BJP had no ground under its feet in these areas. The grassroots was able to prove its strength well. But gradually the atmosphere in the Lok Sabha has changed. The BJP led in the 2019 Lok Sabha in 22 of these 45 constituencies. So is the BJP going to set foot in these seats? Like observers, the situation is different, the conditions of voting have also changed. They are indicating a strong collision. Time will tell the answer Waiting for him until 2 May 6

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