Tap the speech of the Chief Minister, then where is the security of the common man! The grassroots raised the question

#Kolkata: BJP’s IT cell chief Amit Malviya has released a tape of a conversation at a press conference. He claimed that the conversation took place after the Shitalkuchi incident between Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Parthapratim Roy of Shitalkuchi. The authenticity of the video has not been verified. But the Trinamool Moksha raised the question. Trinamool MPs Derek O’Brien and Sukhendushekhar Roy wanted to know from the press conference, under which authority can anyone tape the personal speech of the Chief Minister? If the Chief Minister’s speech is taped, then where is the security of any person’s information?

From the press conference, Derek O’Brien asked, “Who is recording this audio tape? Who is protecting the people of this country?” Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today announced a CID probe into the incident.

In this context, Sukhendushekhar said, “Anyone’s phone can be tapped. And he can be used politically. We have made this allegation more than once in Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha. It turned out to be a lie. That is, the managers of the lie factory constantly taped our conversations. “

Here comes the various claims of Amit Malvar’s past and the question of its veracity. Trinamool MPs said that in the past, even during the CAA movement, students at a university were said to have chanted religiously provocative slogans. Allegations of sedition against a journalist have also been proven false.

The clear allegation of the Trinamool is that these have been done ahead of the Bengal elections. Sukhendur Arji, let the people of Bengal judge this incident.

Coming to the relevant state, Narendra Modi, Amit Shah have repeatedly claimed that the BJP is going to get 200 seats. Derek had set the tone for this before. He identified this tendency to claim as a mind game. Even today he is heard to say, “Don’t play mind game in Bengal.” In the same way, he asked, who is the face of the BJP chief minister, who will be the leader of the opposition?

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