Coronavirus: Corona virus infected in 24 hours! The number of active patients in the state is about 50 thousand

#Kolkata: Is the Corona situation in the state gradually getting out of hand? As the number of new victims increases every day, that fear is not unfounded According to the state health department, 6,419 new cases of corona have been reported in the state in the last 24 hours. 6 more people died in one day However, the number of active corona patients in the state has increased to about 50,000

According to state government figures on Saturday, about 47,000 samples were tested and 613 new cases were found. According to the data of the day, 6419 samples were tested and 6419 infected people were found. As a result, it is clear that the rate of infection is also increasing As a result, the number of active corona patients in the state has increased to 49,636 As a result, there is increasing pressure on government and private hospitals in the state

On this day, the number of new victims in Kolkata has exceeded 2,000 In the last 24 hours, 2196 people have been newly infected in Kolkata and 6 out of 5 people have died In the last 24 hours, 160 people have been attacked and 24 killed in the northern 24 parganas.

On the same day, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee sent a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressing concern over the Corona situation. He demanded adequate and normal supply of vaccines, essential medicines and oxygen At the same time, the Chief Minister assured that the number of beds in the state hospitals has already been increased by 20 per cent for the treatment of Corona patients. It is also being talked about in private hospitals

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