June 20, 2021

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Leg injuries have healed 75 percent, when will the plaster be opened? Mamata spoke in detail about the injury – News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: Trinamool supremo and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee suffered a serious leg injury while campaigning in Nandigram. Since then, he has been preaching in a wheelchair with injured legs. Mamta has been injured in her leg for about a month and a half. What is the condition of his feet now. In an exclusive interview with News18 Bangla, he said that his foot condition has improved a lot from before.

After getting injured in Nandigram, Mamata said in a video from the hospital that she stepped on the door of the car. After the incident, many wondered how he would campaign. But eventually he started preaching in a wheelchair. Mamata said in an interview that the injured leg is now 85 percent healed. The Chief Minister also informed about the possibility of opening the plaster on his feet.

In the past, Mamata has been seen lecturing across the stage at any meeting. But this time the exception. Mamata says, “There is a lot of mental anguish about this. If a person walks 20-25 km regularly, then everyone knows how much his mental anguish is. I give lectures standing up. Do I feel very good while sitting? But I don’t feel good.” I am being forced. Because it is time for elections. We need to reach out to the people. Elections will be held and I will not go to the people. It cannot happen. “

“The wheelchair has given me permission from the doctor. That’s why I’m doing it. I can’t stand it now. I’ve gotten a little better now. I’ve got 75 percent better legs. There’s a little more left. But it’s not possible for me to stand still and give a speech.” Because you still have to keep it in plaster protection for 8-10 days. “

Mamata said she had requested the doctor to cut the plaster. But the doctor still said to see 10 days because there is still some swelling in the bones of the feet. In Mamata’s words, “After the injury, the doctors told me to stay in the hospital for 1 month for 7 days. But when I woke up at night, I thought I would preach in a wheelchair.”

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