June 19, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Mamata Banerjee on TMC seats: – News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: The Trinamool Congress is going to form the government for the third time after winning two-thirds of the seats, said Mamata Banerjee once again. There was not the slightest doubt in his eyes. The BJP, on the other hand, faces the challenge of crossing the 70s.

Amit Shah has set foot in the city today and said that he will get 122 seats in these five points, he is sure. In that case, how is Mamata so sure about her victory! In the words of the Trinamool leader, “As far as I understand, people are with us. I am not an irrational person like Amit Shah and Narendra Modi. I will say that I got 135 hours. It was as if I got inside the machine. Let’s get 80 hours.”

Mamata Banerjee is emphasizing the pulse of the people, the way she does politics. Mamata could have come to power long ago with the help of that politics if technology had been helpful. Scientific Rigging also sneered. Mamata said, I have been mingling with people for a long time. I have been doing politics for a long time. I had to fight so much because there were not so many social networks then. There weren’t so many television challenges. Maybe it would have changed in 2001. The Left has rigged the election. “That power came in 2011. And with that, Mamata wants to score a hat-trick. However, she does not deny that the situation is unfavorable. Mamata alleges that the central agencies in Delhi are tightening the BJP’s grip.

Mamata Banerjee was also heard opening her mouth about the accounting of the seat. He said the BJP would get some seats from the Congress and the CPM. Again we will get some seats of BJP. Mamata Banerjee herself is optimistic about winning Malda, Murshidabad. Like political observers, the grassroots are smelling of dividends from the entire Uttarang and Jangalmahal, which has collapsed in the Lok Sabha. By what means? Mamata said, “I have understood in 5 points that people are on our side.”

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