Mamata Banerjee: Women are game changers, trump card dropped by Mamata Banerjee

#Kolkata: The presence of girls in each meeting is eye-catching. Even in the voting line, the presence of women is noticeable. Mamata Banerjee accepted women as her game changer on Sunday evening. Besides giving priority to the youth, Mamata Banerjee’s argument is that the overall development of women’s lives is her trump card.

Today, in an exclusive interview with Mamata Banerjee News-18 Bangla, the issue of women came up more than once. Mamata said, when someone says, “Didi, I am also Kanyashree, it feels good when I am walking fast.” Besides projects like Kanyashree, Rupashree, he also reminded me of the health partner’s card. Mamata is also keeping her health partner in favor of women’s empowerment. Because the health card is in the name of the girls. The housewife can treat both the family of her father’s house and the house of her father-in-law by showing this card. And Mamata Banerjee is seeing dividends in this development. In today’s interview, he said, women are game changers.

Political circles are saying that the game will be used in the assembly stage. This is why when it is virtually impossible to stand up, I say loudly, my mother and sisters have two legs. To put it bluntly, Mamata Banerjee is fielding these mothers and daughters as her side players. Today she reminded me of a thousand women-centric projects like maternity leave for two years or housewives’ expenses.

It should be kept in mind that in terms of the percentage of votes, women’s votes are half of the total votes, more or less three and a half crores. The outcome of the vote depends on what percentage of the three and a half crore Mamata Banerjee will achieve in the development model. Observers say that if this resolve really works, it will be difficult to stop Mamata Banerjee’s victory this time.

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