Road show Mamata on the southern highway, a stranger suddenly entered

#Kolkata: Not a routine meeting. Mamata Banerjee chose the road show to campaign in three assembly constituencies in Baliganj, Rasbihari and Bhabanipur. The frenzy surrounding Mamata’s road show at home on holidays could be a blow to the BJP’s forehead. During the 10 km long road show, it was heard that Bangla wants its own daughter.

On Sunday, Mamata set out on her way to capture people’s minds in the home field. He took the same strategy in North Kolkata. Mamata Banerjee’s road show started from Dhakuria Dakshinapan. This road show was held in South Kolkata to promote the candidates, so Chattopadhyay and Debashis Kumar were present. Thousands of people gathered on both sides of the road to see the beloved leader. Mamata was seen shaking hands and accepting people’s spontaneous congratulations. Since Mamata Banerjee was injured in Nandigram, her security has been further strained. But even today, Fascagero appears in it. During the road show, a young man broke through the fence and came close to Mamata Banerjee. Security personnel removed him at the last minute. Later it was found out that the young man was a Mamata-fan. He could not control his indomitable zeal to see his beloved leader from afar.

Mamata Banerjee called herself a streetfighter. Walking with people on the street is his long-standing habit. The image of the street leader has put him in the masnad. But this time the picture is different. Mamata is now in a wheelchair due to a leg injury. Like the political circles, this new image will give Mamata Banerjee an additional dividend in the voting market. In particular, he is giving the message in every meeting that the feet of Bengali mothers and daughters are his feet. Political observers say this vocal tonic, and the indomitable urge to take to the streets, will draw female voters closer.

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