The incidence of corona is increasing, Manmohan Singh gave 5 suggestions to Narendra Modi about vaccination

#NewDelhi: Corona Benazir’s infection is a source of concern for the countrymen. In this context, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi with five suggestions. In the letter, Manmohan Singh made it clear that in order to maintain transparency, the plan for distribution of vaccines in each state should be brought to the fore.

As well as who will be given importance as front line workers, the burden of consideration should also be shifted to the state, suggested Manmohan Singh. He wants the Modi government to consider lowering the age limit to 45 in this case. Manmohan Singh also wrote about bringing auto drivers, bus drivers and school teachers in the list.

Many states are questioning the inadequacy of vaccines. In this case, Manmohan Singh says, in order to increase the supply of vaccines, to bring other companies’ vaccines in the market instead of Covishield-Covacin. In that case, the vaccine should be issued by a reputable company. Exemption from the European Medical Agency or any other such body could be considered by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. In this context, he brought up the issue of HIV-medicine. Also mentioned is the Israeli vaccination system.

Manmohan Singh has also proposed to bring a large section of the population under immunization very soon. “Very few people in India have yet to be vaccinated. I believe that very soon more Indians will be vaccinated if the right policy is put in place,” he wrote.

The former prime minister is also advising to stay by the side of vaccine manufacturers. He is offering financial aid and other concessions. Now let’s see how seriously the Modi government considers the opinion of the former Prime Minister.

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