West Bengal Election 2021: 62.49 per cent in fifth phase

#Kolkata: Even in the fifth round of elections, the turnout in the state exceeded 70 percent According to the final tally of the Election Commission, the turnout in the five districts in the fifth phase on Saturday was 82.49 per cent.

East Burdwan has the highest number of votes among 6 districts The turnout in this district was more than 6 percent The turnout in Jalpaiguri was 72.49 percent The turnout in the northern 24 parganas and Nadia was 80.56 per cent and 74.35 per cent respectively. In northern Darjeeling and Kalimpong, however, the turnout was below 80 per cent In Darjeeling, the turnout was 6.96 percent Kalimpong district had the lowest turnout of 72.56 per cent among the six districts

Incidentally, scattered unrest spread in the fifth round on Saturday as well Various places like Gayeshpur, Shantipur of Nadia, Bidhannagar of North 24 Parganas, Baranagar became hot. However, the turnout did not decrease even in the midst of unrest In the previous four rounds, more than 60 percent of the votes were cast

The ruling Trinamool Congress is claiming that their return is assured as the turnout is high On the other hand, BJP leaders claim that this trend of massive voting is in fact an indication of public opinion against the government

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