Amit Shah: ‘Why don’t you vote in Bengal?’ Assam, Tamil Nadu example Shah’s question

#Kolkata: Why are votes being issued in West Bengal blaming the rise of Coronavirus with elections? This question was raised by Union Home Minister Amit Shah The Union Home Minister raised this question in an exclusive interview given to News18 on the same day. At the same time, his question was that the Corona issue was not in the polls in Assam, Tamil Nadu or Kerala.

The Trinamool Congress has repeatedly complained that the situation in the state has deteriorated after eight long rounds of voting. The number of daily infections has reached about eight and a half thousand Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said that he will not campaign in the state The Left has also reined in the campaign

However, the Union Home Minister said, “I do not understand one thing This question did not arise in the elections of Assam, Kerala or Tamil Nadu Why is it rising in Bengal? BJP does not decide not to get elected 6 by the Election Commission Two days ago, the Election Commission held an all-party meeting and reduced the campaign time We are abiding by the decision of the commission “We have also reduced the number of meetings,” Shah claimed.

On the same day, however, the BJP announced that all BJP leaders in the state, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, would hold small public rallies. All meetings will be held with less than 500 people

Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee has also blamed the BJP for the deteriorating situation in the state. He alleged that the BJP had brought a large number of people from other states to the state to cast their votes Corona is spreading through them Amit Shah, however, clarified on the day that he did not agree with the allegation that the number of corona for voting was increasing

In Assam and Tamil Nadu, the polls closed on April 8. Even then the situation in West Bengal was not so worrying Physicians and health experts are blaming the indifference of a class of people as well as the election campaign for the deteriorating situation in the state of Corona.

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