Mamata Banerjee: This election is a message to save the existence of Bengal, above religion and caste.

#Kolkata: Some say the battle of Palashi, some draw comparisons from the narrative of the Mahabharata. Mamata Banerjee claimed that the election to occupy the masnad of Ekushey was an election to save the existence of Bengal. Bengalis did not want to draw non-Bengali comparisons, but wanted to explain that the struggle for survival of every person living in Bengal is the 2021 assembly vote. He argued, “The people of Bengal do not tolerate the BJP. Everyone is affected by them in one way or another.”

Mamata Banerjee gave an exclusive interview to News18 Bangla on this day. There he was seen questioning the traditional secular ideal of Bengalis, the cultural world of Bengal. Mamata said, “This is the choice of Bengali culture. This choice is her choice whether there will be Bengali language. Bangla language means not only Bengali language, there are many languages ​​outside Bengal. They also have to be saved.” Like political analysts, Mamata wanted to talk about languages ​​like Rajbangshi, because the BJP wants to share the votes of this society. Besides, Mamata also clarified that Bengali means speaking to Bengali speakers. He said, there are many people in this state who do not speak Bengali, but there are more than 100 years. They are equally dear to him. In Mamata’s words, “I will not make Bengalis non-Bengalis. The non-Bengalis in Bengal are also the people of Bengal. I am proud of the soil of Bengal, the culture of Bengal. I want to isolate foreign gangster politicians.”

Appropriately, the question arose as to who he meant by external? Mamata’s clear allegation is that the BJP has brought people from different states to the state for various jobs. This is the external definition to him. He repeatedly made it clear that he was not in favor of Bengali non-Bengali polarization in the word foreign.

Even today, Mamata said she would win two-thirds of the seats. But seeing what he is getting this confidence. Mamata first gave priority to women and youth. He also said, “This is an election to protect the culture of the people of Bengal. It is an election to turn the youth around.”

He was heard to say in the traditional manner, BJP is nothing. As soon as the issue of polarization came up, Lalon-Rabindranath-Nazrul brought up the issue. His argument cannot be poisoned by the poison of communalism by recognizing the tradition of coexistence.

Rabindranath’s song- Bow my head, O Lord, for the people. And for the BJP? Undoubtedly, I will never compromise with Modi.

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