Mamata on Corona Situation: Benazir’s decision to stop Corona with Mamata! Learn …

#Kolkata: Corona infection in Bengal has started to increase at a deadly rate in Bengal as well. In this situation, various state governments have announced lockdowns at the local level. Curfew has been imposed somewhere. Somewhere night curfew has also been imposed. About eight and a half thousand people were infected with the deadly virus in West Bengal yesterday. However, at a press conference in Malda on the same day, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said, ‘There is no thought of lockdown right now. Lockdown will reduce everything? Don’t you have to give people some time? ‘ However, the Chief Minister said that besides keeping the general public alert, he has also decided on the Central Forces to ensure the security of the polls in the state. According to the directive, all Central Army personnel coming to the state will have to undergo RTPCR test compulsorily.

On the same day, the Chief Minister said, ‘One and a half lakh Central Army personnel have come to the state. Each of them has to undergo RTPCR test compulsorily. As I have seen before, being a policeman means that thousands of people are infected. They work as a team. So if it is one, it can be for everyone. ‘ Addressing the Election Commission on the same day, Mamata said, “The central government should have thought well while announcing the election. We will try to deal with the storm. Don’t be afraid, don’t panic. ‘

Earlier, Mamata had lashed out at the BJP and their “outsiders” for “spreading corona in the state”. On that day, he said, ‘Thousands of people are coming from outside, Corona is spreading there too. If it is locked down, people will suffer. ‘

On the same day, Mamata’s message to the Election Commission was, ‘I requested the Election Commission to hold the last round of elections together, but it was not done. So there have been difficulties. There have been three points in Bihar, why 6 points in Bengal? And Corona has grown so much now, you should think now. A lot of people are coming from outside, that’s why the corona infection is spreading. There are not many medicines available in the market. There is no vaccine available.

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