June 19, 2021

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‘Politicians in this country can break the rules as they wish’ – Tweet-Actor and TMC MP dev attacks Indian politicians in his twitter post netizens appreciates thoroughly– News18

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#Kolkata: Corona has repeatedly warned people about the dire situation in the election campaign. Actor and Trinamool MP Dev (dev) did not walk on the stage of public meeting and did not walk the path of political pressure. He focused on using masks and teaching social distanceing. He urged the local administrations to try to convince the people that ‘sitting at home is more useful at the moment than attending public meetings’. He did not step on the table known to politicians. This time Deb has also left his mark in the Twitter message. And around his post, there has been an uproar in the political arena.

In Bengal, on the one hand, the election season is going on, and on the other hand, the number of corona victims is increasing by leaps and bounds. Even in this situation, actor MP Dev took part in various election campaigns on behalf of the party. Thousands of people gathered at each of his public meetings. But he was heard saying the same thing everywhere from the stage of politics, ‘There will be many votes in life. But your life will never come back. So wear a mask, stay healthy ‘. This time there is a buzz in the political arena surrounding a post made by Dev on social media.

Human Dev Photo: Collected I will give ‘human’
Photo: Collected

The teaser of the movie ‘Golandaj’ starring Dev has been released. Everyone watching this teaser is full of praise. Fans did not leave out to greet the favorite actor. Applut Dev thanked everyone through social media for getting the love of the fans. He wrote on social media, ‘Thank you all very much for giving so much love to Golandaj’s teaser. I’m overwhelmed. Keep in mind the Corona situation, don’t go out unnecessarily. And even if you do, you must use a mask, unless you are a political leader (in our country, political leaders can only break the rules of their choice).

This funny yet, intelligent tweet of Dev is surrounded by noise. Despite being the leader of a political party, many people are looking for his answer as to why he made such a mockery of political leaders. However, a large section of netizens have praised his tweet, regardless of party affiliation. According to them, despite being the leader of a political party, it is clear in his post that he is a man and a conscious citizen.

On the other hand, a tumultuous practice has started in the political arena as well. Although some people want to dismiss this post as a non-political message, many are listening to the new tone of politics. The question is floating around in their minds, but even in this crisis situation, the actor-MP is annoyed by the election campaign? Deb wanted to explain his protest in a different way?

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