Coronavirus Second Wave: Coronavirus affected railway workers! 56 local trains canceled in Sealdah division today

#Kolkata: About 90 railway workers were affected by the corona. Due to this, 56 local trains are being canceled in Sealdah division today. The way the number of victims is increasing, more trains may be canceled in the coming days. However, the number of canceled trains will not affect passenger services, Eastern Railway said.

None of the trains canceled today are during office hours. According to Eastern Railway sources, all these local trains have been canceled during non-peak hours. The second wave of corona infections has also hit rail services. Long day service was canceled last year due to corona infection. Although special train services were introduced, rail services were closed to passengers for a long time. Although that service was launched, the service was pushed again. Due to this, several local trains were canceled from today.

According to Sealdah Division sources, trains were canceled at various points including Khabar, Barrackpore Local, Naihati Local, Dunkuni Local, Gobardanga Local, Dattapukur Local, Sonarpur Local. Although not all of these are canceled during local office hours.

Multiple guards, motormen, signal-telecommunication department personnel of Sealdah division were attacked. So the Sealdah division is facing a lot of problems to keep the railway service running. “We are ready to provide uninterrupted service,” said Kamal Das, chief public relations officer of Eastern Railway. We are still working to provide that service. But the way workers have started to be affected has made it difficult to provide services. The railways have already started a campaign to raise awareness about passenger corona at various railway stations. Multiple measures have also been taken for railway workers. However, in many cases it is not possible to maintain physical distance between employees for work. So the danger is growing among the railway workers. Which is affecting the railway service.

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