Covid Situation in Kolkata: 6,426 affected in last 24 hours, as the state prepares for war

#Kolkata: In the state, 6,426 people have been newly infected with Corona. The state has taken a number of steps to deal with it. In the meantime, safe homes are being built in 4 places only in Kolkata. A total of 1900 beds are going to stay in the safe home. The Calcutta Municipality has already taken a decision in this regard with the state municipal office.

Among the places where safe homes are being built in Kolkata are Kishore Bharati Stadium, Alipore Uttiran, Kasba Gitanjali Stadium and Anandapur Safe Home. The biggest safe home is being built in Anandapur. There are 600 beds. Kishore Bharati Stadium has 500 beds. There are 500 beds in Alipore Pass. Gitanjali Stadium has 200 beds.

There will be 10 special ambulances outside this safe home. The victims will be brought to this safe home. If there is too much, the victims will be taken to the hospital. When he recovers, he will be brought back to this safe home. That’s why in these four places, 1900 beds were made quickly. According to the city office, the number of safe homes will be increased if necessary. All these safe homes will be sanitized during the war. It has also been said that all the rules of the Corona period will be followed.

On the other hand, the state government is looking for places in Rajarhat and Newtown to be close to the airport. Safe Home or Quarantine Center will also be set up there. In all, about 2500 beds are being prepared. The state chief minister has already met to discuss the steps to be taken to address the situation in Corona. Apart from the top officials of the city office, Rajya Sabha MP and doctor Shantanu Sen, doctor and state advisor Abhijit Chowdhury were present at the meeting. The meeting decided what action could be taken before the second wave of corona struck. This work will be started from tomorrow.

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